This weekend win free Re-Sacks’s with Jamie Magazine

Always been looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic fruit and vegetable bags at the supermarket? Re-Sack has the solution! No polluting, always ripping plastic bags anymore, but reusable, sturdy bags of organic cotton. With Re-Sack is the custom created to fruits and vegetables in your own reusable bag to take from the supermarket, organic shop or greengrocer.

Jamie is in complete agreement with this idea! You too? Let the innovator in yourself than to speak and answer the following question: “Where do you see Re-Sack the shelf lying? If you have a bio-shop, greengrocer or supermarket in your area know that together with Re-Sack this new habit would like to create, send the name of this store plus your own data to and win one of 10 Re-Sack packages, consisting of 1x Re-Net Sack, Sack 1xRe-Voile and 1xRe-Sack Small. ”