This weekend win free Re-Sacks’s with Jamie Magazine

Always been looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic fruit and vegetable bags at the supermarket? Re-Sack has the solution! No polluting, always ripping plastic bags anymore, but reusable, sturdy bags of organic cotton. With Re-Sack is the custom created to fruits and vegetables in your own reusable bag to take from the supermarket, organic […]

Re-Sack telegraaf newspaper

Re-Sack ‘knappe zak’ in telegraaf 22 september.  I really don’t understand why supermarkets don’t offer reusable fruit & vegetable bags. Had big supermarkets like Albert Heijn and C1000 the guts to offer Re-Sack loyalty point instead of giving away plastic mini’s and Gogo’s. That would be a good action! I’m thinking of mailing my supermarket […]